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ABRSM Performance Exams 2021

Have you heard about the ABRSM Performance Exams? 

Launched at the back end of 2020 in response to restrictions imposed by Covid - these online exams have become really popular.  Submitting a continual recording of the performance of four exam pieces, by the deadline - instead of a face to face exam including Scales, Aural and Sight-reading is the new normal.  Recording your exam pieces is easy.  Any smart phone can be used and the file should not exceed 2GB.  There are plenty of guidelines on the ABRSM site as to how the process works.  30 points are allocated to each piece, and 30 for overall performance - which is a really important element of the exam.  When you are satisfied with your recording, it is simply uploaded onto the ABRSM site.  Results have come back super quickly so far.

These exams are available for Grades 1 up to 8 and including the ARSM and seem now to be offered on a monthly basis.  Booking for the May session between the 7th and 14th of April.  Book for the June session between the 5th and 12th of May.  These will continue past September although we are hopeful that Session 2 of the ABRSM Practical exams will take place in June.  Watch this space!

The four pieces can be from the current ABRSM Exam Syllabus, and the fourth piece can be from any similar grade, same book, or even a past year's book. 

It is advised to book as soon as the booking opens as these are becoming more popular, and the later dates are being snapped up quickly!

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