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Cello Time Starters

Cello Time Starters

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Cello Time Starters (with CD)

Cello Time is a great beginner book for the budding cellist.

Carefully paced to suit young learners it supports players through the early stages, step by step - from how to hold your instrument and bow, through basic notation, to exciting pieces in a range of styles.

With plenty of entertaining illustrations and a CD to play along to, with Cello Time Starters it really is fun to play!

Cello Time Starters includes:

  • Over 60 varied tunes, from open strings to finger pattern 0-1-34
  • Quizzes, games, songs and listening activities
  • Colour illustrations to demonstrate each stage, plus fun cartoons
  • CD of play-along tracks with imaginative accompaniments
  • Ideal for use before and alongside Cello Time Joggers
  • Fully compatible with Fiddle and Viola Time Starters, and suitable for individual or mixed group lessons.
  • Teacher's notes and accompaniments available in a separate volume (Starter Teachers Handbook)


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