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Joining the Dots Singing - Grade 4

Joining the Dots Singing - Grade 4

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Joining the Dots Singing offers lots of material to help build confidence and skill in sight-singing.

The exercises and pieces are perfect for those preparing for ABRSM Singing exams as well as being a fantastic resource for all developing musicians, whether solo singers, choral singers or instrumentalists.

The five books cover the requirements for ABRSM's sight-singing tests at Grades 1-5, and include:

  • workouts and simple songs, to build - step by step - the rhythm and pitch skills required for the grade
  • characterful pieces to sight-sing, in a range of approachable musical styles
  • simple improvisation exercises in which students can explore ideas and develop their sense of rhythm and key
  • songs and rounds to sing with others, for additional sight-singing practice or to learn quickly and sing for fun
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