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1 of 1 Intermediate Method Intermediate Method

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The best method for the progressing guitarist ever made

This book contains a complete course for all guitarists who want to progress from beginner to intermediate level. It follows on from the hugely successful Beginner's Course, and is the ideal next step for students who are already comfortable with the basics of guitar playing.

The course is intelligently structured, and divided into five stages, each stage has enough new material to keep you busy, but not sop much that you'll feel overwhelmed. Each stage has a practice routine and ear-training exercises that will help you quickly improve. The book comes with two specially recorded CD's containing demonstrations of every chord, technique and exercise you'll need.

Along the way you'll learn

  • How to play barre chords
  • How to play scales
  • New voicings for Major and Minor chords
  • More advanced rhythm guitar techniques
  • Basic note reading and theory
  • Transcribing
  • String bending
  • Hammer-ons and flick-offs
  • Simple soloing

and much, much more.

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