Me and My Piano, Book 1

Me and My Piano, Part 1

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Me and My Piano, Part 1 

This is a great book for beginners. Aimed at a primary school student, it will take the learner through a series of 3 books, with lovely diagrams, exercises, and pieces to play.

Me And My Piano Part 1 takes the young pianist step-by-step through the early stages of piano technique, first with separate hands, then with a sequence of very easy pieces for hands together. All use a constant five finger hand position in the key of C major. Games and puzzles give elementary theory a new lease of life, and children will love the rhymes and songs introducing characters such as  the Ostrich, Sammy Squirrel and the Old Man with the Beard!

Enchantingly illustrated, in full-colour throughout, this essential and irresistible book will encourage the young pianist to expand his or her learning in the most enjoyable way.

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