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Rockschool Acoustic Guitar Grade 8 2019

Rockschool Acoustic Guitar Grade 8 2019

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Rockschool Acoustic Guitar Grade 8 2019+

Featured Repertoire:

  • The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • Tommy Emmanuel - Tears For Jerusalem
  • Robert Johnson - Kind Hearted Woman Blues
  • Brent Mason - First Rule Of Thumb
  • Django Reinhardt - Minor Swing
  • Hiatus Kaiyote - Breathing Underwater

The pieces in the grade book can be used for both the Grade Exam and Performance Certificate. At Grade 8 they are longer, typically in the region of three to three and a half minutes in duration. The expectation and length of pieces are designed so candidates can demonstrate the required assessment criteria.

Technical Exercises:

At Grade 8 there are four groups of prepared technical exercises:

GROUP A – Scales

GROUP B – Arpeggios/Broken Chords

GROUP C – Chord Voicings

GROUP D – Stylistic Studies

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