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The new RSL Classical Guitar syllabus aims to reflect the widening tastes of young people by embracing the work of established and emerging composers, and positioning itself at the forefront of a vast and rich heritage of music from the baroque period through to the modern day. The repertoire strikes a balance between a radical redesign and a recognisable structure, adhering to four key principles: championing ethnically diverse composers, representing genders, acknowledging the history and tradition of guitar pedagogy, and enabling students to feel comfortable studying music in a popular and classical environment.

RSL are renowned for their market-leading Rockschool examinations and comprehensive grade books. The RSL Classical Guitar syllabus books are beautifully presented, each containing everything that a student would need to prepare for their RSL exam: ten repertoire pieces drawn from a diverse selection of composers, technical exercises, and examples of supporting tests including sight-reading (or optional improvisation & interpretation tests), ear tests and general musicianship questions.

1. Xaranga do Vôvô [Celso Machado]
2. Heartbeats [José González]
3. Kiss From A Rose [Seal]
4. You’ve Got a Friend in Me [Toy Story]
5. Moonlight Rose [Naoko Ikeda]
6. El Sueño de la Muñequita [Agustín Barrios]
7. Promise Yvonne Bloor [Tatiana Stachak]
8. Maria-Luisa (Mazurka) [Julio Salvador Sagreras]
9. The Deserted Garden [Florence Price]
10. Romance (1978) [Frantz Casseus]

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