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Singing Time! Grade 3

Singing Time! Grade 3

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This book covers everything you need to know to begin singing and progress to Grade 3 singing level.

Including over 30 songs which can be used in your Grade 2 exam, with plenty of help and theory information throughout.

There are also sections on warming-up, sight singing and an introduction to singing with other people.

Songlist includes:

  1. Afton Water
  2. Charlie Is My Darling
  3. David Of The White Rock
  4. Deep River
  5. Down By The Riverside
  6. Give Me That Old-time Religion
  7. God Be In My Head
  8. Great Tom Is Cast
  9. Gruss
  10. Heidenroslein
  11. I Gave My Love A Cherry
  12. Kum Ba Yah
  13. London's Burning
  14. O Worship The Lord
  15. Once I Had A Sweetheart
  16. Pretty Polly Oliver
  17. Robin Adiar
  18. Shenandoah
  19. The Ash Grove
  20. The Bare Necessities
  21. The Bay Of Biscay
  22. The Blue Bells Of Scotland
  23. The Boatman's Song
  24. The Gendarmes' Duet
  25. The Lincolnshire Poacher
  26. The Minstrel Boy
  27. The Owls
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