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The Best of Grade 3 Violin

The Best of Grade 3 Violin

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A compilation of the best Grade 3 violin pieces ever selected by the major examination boards.

A CD of performance and accompaniment track is included, as are useful practice tips

Selected and edited by Jessica O'Leary

  1. German Dance (Beethoven)
  2. Gavotte from Suite BWV1012 (Bach)
  3. 2010 (Wedgwood)
  4. Build that Wall (Wedgwood)
  5. Through the Rainbow (Waterfield)
  6. Overnight Mail Express (Cohen)
  7. Second Stride (Huws Jones)
  8. Banana Skin (Huws Jones)
  9. Tourna a Surriento
  10. (Huws Jones)
  11. Theme from Caprice no.24 (Huws Jones)
  12. Sleep Song (Humperdinck)
  13. Waltz Op.39 No.15 (Brahms)
  14. Norwegian Folk Tune (Grieg)
  15. Here’s to the Maiden (Trad)
  16. Bourrée (Telemann)
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