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The Best of Grade 4 Violin

The Best of Grade 4 Violin

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A compilation of the best Grade 4 violin pieces ever selected by the major examination boards.

A CD of performance and accompaniment track is included, as are useful practice tips

Selected and edited by Jessica O'Leary

  1. Glass (Fitkin)
  2. Scottish Brawl (Attaingnant)
  3. Rondino (Hadjiev)
  4. Mazurka (Baklanova)
  5. Prelude (Cohen)
  6. Rondeau from Abdelazar (Purcell)
  7. Rondino (Hadjiev)
  8. Air Polonais (Weber)
  9. Concerto in D major (Telemann)
  10. Preludio (Vivaldi)
  11. La Cinquantaine (Gabriel-Marie)
  12. Hindu Song (Rimsky-Korsakov )
  13. Virelai (Elgar)
  14. Fly Me To The Moon(Howard)
  15. Sometime Maybe (Wedgwood)
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